5 reasons why you should choose a boho wedding dress for your special day

Bohemian Wedding Dress Inspiration
Bohemian Wedding Dress Inspiration

Boho style has been the favorite fashion style of many people due to its free spirit, creativity, aesthetics, and artistic beauty. However, have you ever thought of wearing a boho dress on one of the most important days in your life – the wedding day? Though it sounds like an unfamiliar idea, there are a bunch of reasons for choosing a boho wedding dress for your day. Let’s find out what they are with WL Boho Style.

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5 reasons for choosing a boho wedding dress

1. Boho wedding dresses are so gorgeous (Of course!)

No one can prevent themselves from admiring the beauty of boho wedding dresses, neither do I. With long flowing dresses, ethereal designs, white lace, fringes, embroidery, beading details, earthy-colored jewelry, and colorful hair accessories, the boho bride will be the most outstanding, especially when being with her bridesmaids.


2. Save cost

A wedding dress is much more meaningful than just an outfit, it’s like a spiritual object, a special mark in your life, a beautiful memory, and a gift for your daughter or daughter-in-law on her wedding day. Hence, wedding dresses are so expensive because most women want to get the perfect dress for their day. However, sometimes the cost of the wedding dress is a burden for many brides. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend $1000 on your wedding dress if you choose a bohemian style since you can easily find a cheap boho wedding dress for under $300. Also, you can find a good tailor and let him or her make your dress with your own design and fabric. The boho dress itself may not be very fancy with jewelry beading, several chiffon layers, or a long wedding veil, but it is stunning in its own way with vintage designs.

3. Let you be free in planning your wedding

Also, a boho wedding dress can’t go without a bohemian-themed wedding. No need a big ballroom, a backyard, or the coach near the beach can be the perfect venue for your wedding. And so, you can be creative as much as you want.

Don’t be worried, you can ask your friends, your family, and your colleagues to give you a hand in setting your wedding plan.

4. Boho-themed photoshoots

Boho-themed wedding photos will be one of the most unforgettable memories in your life. If you are a boho-chic, you cannot miss the chance to put on a bohemian wedding dress on this important occasion! Believe me, many years later, you will think of your wedding for the beautiful dresses, gorgeous jewelry, stunning bridesmaids, people singing, colorful flowers, boho decors.

Bohemian wedding dress
Bohemian wedding dress

See this DIY boho modern boho vintage wedding to get inspired and unique about planning your ideal Boho wedding.

5. Be unique

Among several wedding gown designs, you will be outstanding with your earthy bohemian wedding dress. If you feel that traditional wedding dresses are too normal, why not try a hippie wedding dress or boho gown for this big day.

Bohemian style is not yet common in wedding dress designs, hence, it’s still a new idea. I believe that with a bohemian wedding dress, you will be a special bride with a unique wedding.

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