Must-have boho items for a boho-chic

Must-have boho items for a boho-chic
Must-have boho items for a boho-chic

Boho chic fashion recommends must-have boho items for boho nuts. See now to know what items are missing to bring in time to travel.

The boho style never seems outdated. Summertime is the season when boho chics rock their style with maxi dresses, colorful bandanas, embroidery bags, leather boots, and gorgeous jewelry. If you fall in love with this free and wild fashion style but have no idea how to start, read the following article to find out 8 must-have boho items in a boho chic’s wardrobe.

Maxi dress

The first item in the list of must-have boho items is the maxi dress. Maxi dresses are indispensable items for any boho fan. This item is quite easy to find Girls who fall in love with the boho style but scared of being “too much” can start with a maxi dress and a pair of leather sandals.

You may think that boho items are inconvenient in daily wear, however, with an aesthetic eye, you can totally turn a maxi boho dress into a sophisticated outfit for a dinner date or a lovely outfit for a coffee.

Maxi dress
Maxi dress

Our tip: A printed or embroidery maxi dress with earthy color will make it easier for you to mix and match.

Printed short dresses

Short dresses with floral-printed and brocade patterns are not only cute but also easy to mix and match.

Matching a small floral dress with soldier sandals will bring you an adorable and feminine look, but when matching with knee leather boots and a fringed denim jacket, you will have the wildest cowgirl outfit.

Printed short dresses
Printed short dresses

Leather boots

Boho chics must be no stranger to these stylish leather boots. Remember, you should only choose neutral colors like black or brown boots to add to your boho outfit. Dr. Martens’s pink leather boots are very fashionable items, but they will be ridiculous in a boho-style outfit.

Boho shoes
Boho shoes

Based on the materials, there are two types of boots:

  • Suede boots

Though these boho items are flexible and somehow cheaper, they are not so good at damage resistance. Since suede boots are made with the thin inner splits of the animal skin like pig or cow, they are softer but less durable and easier to get dirty.

  • Leather boots

Leather boots, on the other side, are more popular with a smooth look and polished shine. They are better at damage resistance and can be matched with various styles, from formal to casual.

Our tip: We recommend having both kinds of boots so you can choose between leather or suede boots based on your outfit.

Sandal leather

If you feel that summer is too hot to wear boots, strappy sandals or gladiator shoes are your lifesaver. These sandals when combined with a long maxi dress will create a very romantic and harmonious outfit.

Colorful headwear

We already mentioned boho clothing and footwear, now we talk about headwear – one of the most interesting must-have boho items that you may forget.

Sometimes it doesn’t need to be too fussy, just a colorful turban with bohemian patterns or a beautiful bandana is enough to make you outstanding. If you have no turban, you can be creative with a silk square scarf. Learn these 7 scarf tips to make your hairstyle more unique.

Colorful headwear boho
Colorful headwear boho

Boho bag, rush bag, tassel bag

Bags are indispensable stuff for a boho-chic. This is one of the must-have boho items that you should not miss.

There are a variety of boho-style bags that boho girls can use, depending on different purposes. Below are some common types of boho bags

  • Fringed leather bag

You can’t unseen this fringed leather bag. Leather bags are suitable to wear with any kind of outfit.

  • Leather purse

Prefer a purse? No problem! Here we have a boho-inspired purse for daily use.

Boho bag
Boho bag
  • Embroidery handbag

The beautiful patterns of embroidery make this handbag eye-catching for events and parties.

  • Straw handbag

This boho item shows us the bohemian inspiration with the crochet and straw make it a beautiful handbag in the list of boho style designs.

  • Leather hobo bag

This leather hobo bag is not only a wild hobo item but also very convenient.

Boho style jewelry

Jewelry is an accessory that helps boho girls rock this style. The fringed or feathered earrings, the laminated gold necklace, the silver ring set, brass bracelets, the big wooden bangles are the accessories that you should have to mix and match with your boho clothing.

Boho style jewelry
Boho style jewelry

Straw hat, big hat, fedora

Boho hat is a must-have item that boho chic should have in your wardrobe. Here are some kinds of hats that we recommend you add to your closet.

Big straw hats are not only beautiful for a perfect summer outfit to slay beach style with boho items, but also a cool item to help protect your skin from UV in the summer.

The fedora hat is the perfect pick for your Coachella festival outfit. Cool and fashionable is what we talk about in this item.

A floppy hat is a basic boho hat that is never out-of-date. Get one in your closet and you will never regret buying it.  

Above are the top 10 must-have boho items for a boho-chic. What do you think of our recommendation? Don’t forget to keep following White Feather Design to catch the most updated fashion trend! 

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