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Men's and boy's shirts and leggings

Leggings with no
side fringe
Men's shirt Leggings with
3 inch
side fringe
New men's shirt w/beaded fringes.
Leggings w/side fringe
Boys shirt
with fringes
no beads

Men and boys shirts have native design and embroidery around
collar, sleeve, and edge of shirt with 6 inch cut on both sides
and 4 inch cut on boys. Shirt can be ordered with 2 or 3 ribbon
choice. Men and boys leggings can be ordered in any colors.

Leggings measurements: inseam 26 inches price $75.00 inseam over 26 inches price $85.00 Boy's leggings with inseam under 26 inches price $55.00
Leggings with 3 inch side fringes add $5.00 to order for men and boys.
When ordering the men's new beaded shirt, add $8.00 to order.
Shirt sizePriceChest size
Toddler $40.0026-32
X Small Boy $55.0032-36
Small Men $60.0036-46
Medium $65.0046-48
Large $70.0048-54
X Large $75.0054-56
XX Large $85.0056-60

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