Leather headband price $15.00. Headbands
have beaded braids with beaded long strands
with feathers and can be ordered in any color.

Shawls can be ordered in any color combination
and have native design embroidery around the
border and double stranded fringes:

8 inch fringes on child's $65.00
12 inch fringes on woman's $98.00

Detailed View of shawl

Hand Bags

Small $ 15.00
Medium $ 20.00
Large $ 25.00
Hand Bags are made of imitation suede material with adjustable straps. Meduim and large bags have conchos. You can order them to match your dress or any colors you like ! Solid or two color combination. Small $ 15.00 7 inches deep by 8 inches wide Medium $ 20.00 6 inches deep by 10 inches wide Large $ 25.00 9 inches deep by 11 inches wide

Belts can be seen on men's page and women's shirts page.
Price is $15.00.
Measurement: waist only.

Leggings for women, not shown, can be
ordered in any color. Price is $12.00.

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